Newport in January

Newport is Rhode Island’s biggest draw. In fact, it is quite the popular place to visit. New York’s wealthy – such as the Vanderbilt’s and Kennedy’s – made their way there, loading the town with mansions. So when I planned a road trip in the area I made certain to add the location on the itinerary.

What I was not prepared for was that Newport, unlike any other city we visited, actually has an off-season. While it may seem obvious that a beach town will not get as many visitors in January, that did not mean that the place would be dead. What about the people who actually live there? I assumed I could at least be able to visit the town and do some exploring. Instead what I found was a waste land. There were almost NO shops open. Museums and breweries were closed as well. In fact, I can count on my fingers how many people I saw. I almost expected a ball of tumbleweed to blow across the road.

My advice? If you’re planning a road trip in this area of the states, either stick to warmer weathers or be prepared to skip Newport. At least I managed to visit the beach and take some gorgeous pictures. And grab some Newport wine of course.


By the way, I am officially declaring Rhode Island the land of sunsets. First Providence and not this. I keep getting blown away.




I recently went on a road trip through Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. One stop on that trip was Providence, Rhode Island. On the first night there we made our way to Prospect Terrace Park. The view from the top was utterly stunning.