New York Public Library

Recently, I found myself in the New York Public Library. While there are endless libraries in NY around every corner, this is the one. The one where you can’t even study in if you wan’t because it’s so crowded with tourists. Check out the photos below to see why:


A Book Lover’s Dream

IMG_3870Where ever I am, I’m wandering off, following the call of literature. It is for this reason that I often find myself in a library or bookstore. I simply can’t help it. It makes my soul happy. For this reason, when I stayed in Vienna, at the very top of my list of things to do was to visit the Austrian National Library.  

And who can blame me? Just look at these photos.

IMG_3882IMG_3894IMG_3879IMG_3878IMG_3901IMG_3896Being surrounding by such old texts, standing in the very room so many great minds were in, blew this little book lovers mind away. I think I left a piece of my soul there.