The Earth Mother


I am writing this blog post from my balcony right now. It is a strange feeling when considering the fact that it is January in New York. What makes it even stranger is that just yesterday I left my home with snow on the ground, while today I wore a light jacket in lieu of a coat.

It is frequent that we hear about global warming. I believe I have been hearing about it since I was a little girl in elementary school. And now that it is finally here, that our world is changing all around us, it stirs up particular feelings in myself: feelings of responsibility.

It is clear to me that environmentalism is a feminist issue. The first religions believed in the earth as a woman and that mentality has brought its way down throughout the ages. When the introduction of male dominance inserted itself into our culture, the idea that Earth could be property, just as Woman could, was also established.

And now it is time that we take a step back. We shall begin to view the earth as the living entity that she is. A woman so powerful she sustains us all. And it is time we create a respectful and loving relationship with her and take away from our minds the idea that we can possibly own her. For as she is proving to us right now, as the warm wind blows my hair off my shoulders, it is she who owns us.

The feature image was taken on a road trip in Albania