Ten Thousand Villages

When I was in Boston I did a bit of shopping. While highlights include a mug and some tea, it was entering the Ten Thousand Villages shop that stole the show. Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer. In the United States, if something is Fair Trade Certified it means that the individuals who made the product were fairly treated in their work. This includes being paid well, safe working conditions, and fair treatment. You can read more about fair trade on their website.


Upon entering the shop, I was so overwhelmed by the many options of things to purchase that it took me a while before finally deciding what I wanted to take home with me. I found a collection of a variety of things made in this white and blue style. I was tempted to buy a little trinket box, but determined that I had too many of those. Instead, I opted for a measuring spoon set that I could actually use regularly.


Along with your purchase you are given a print out providing details about the product and the artisans who made it. My favorite part is knowing that this measuring spoon set was made fairly by women in Vietnam.


Books & Old Prints

Here I go again mixing my love of travel with my love of literature. For some reason I always manage to seek out books wherever I go. While visiting Boston I ran across this book store tucked in an alleyway. I couldn’t help entering it and looking through all the vintage and rare prints they had available. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in Boston!


Hello Boston


Recently, I decided to take a road trip from New York and go to Boston, Massachusetts. Here are the adventures of that trip. We stayed at the 4-star Historic Omni Hotel that was located in downtown Boston. This location was the perfect place to be – nearby all the local attractions! We got a deal for this hotel on groupon (which I highly recommend checking out while traveling,  you can always get great deals!)

Afterwards we went out and had dinner at a lovely place called The Merchant. The food was lovely and paired with lots of exploring and shopping afterwards. That evening we found shelter in a lively bar as it started to snow outside. And I mean snow! While New York was still sporting 40-60 degree weather, Boston exposed us to the first snow fall of the season.



The next day we spent more time exploring the historic parts of the city of Boston. Highlights of the trip included walking along Freedom Trail, exploring the historic Beacon Hill area and gawking over the endless supply of quirky Irish taverns.