Westsider Books

In my quest to visit every book store in New York City, I have come across Westsider Books. Located in the upper west side at 2246 Broadway, it is an easy walk from locations such as the Hayden Planetarium, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

This place is easily one of my favorite book stores I have ever visited. It’s crowning glory is the high ceilings with rows of books that adjourn all the way to the top. This not only produces a lovely view as your eyes trail upwards, it also provides the perfect opportunity for a ladder! And who ever wanted to climb a ladder in a book store?

This particular book store specializes in rare and used books. Although I did not managed to find a particular book I wanted to keep, the collection they had left me wishing I had purchased on of the original editions of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.