Vienna Souvenirs

When I was younger, I got a purple seashell on a family vacation. It currently sits on my bookshelf, always reminding me of that vacation whenever I catch a glimpse of it. That is why we buy souvenirs when traveling to new places. As reminders of the memories we made there. Here are the things I picked up while in Vienna to remind me of her.


The Vienna Melody

The first thing I picked up, which as a book lover is no surprise, is an actual book. This one is called The Vienna Melody, translated to English by Ernst Lothar. It tells the story of the wealthy descendants of Christopher Alt, the piano key maker.

Many people have the tradition of picking up a particular souvenir item every where they travel to and growing a collection. I have noticed that one of the most common items collected are mugs. I have decided that I want to buy a book at every place I visit. In this way, I can grow a little international library. This particular book was purchased at Frick Ihre Buchhandung bookstore ( located in the center of the city. I actually quite enjoyed it a lot because it was very modern and had a good diversity of both German and English books. It also had a good collection of architecture books on sale which was icing on the cake!


Klimt Bookmarks

Speaking of books and collections, I also have a growing bookmark collection (hey, don’t judge me!) and picked up two with paintings of Gustav Klimt on them. I love how shiny they are.


Klimt Mug

I actually do not believe I will ever be a mug collector. Mostly because there are only so many mugs you can use at a time, right? But right before this trip I actually ended up breaking my everyday mug. I decided to not go out and buy new one and instead pick one up on this trip. This is the one I ended up going with. And of course, it has a Gustav Klimt painting on it.

I actually did not buy this mug in the center of Vienna, where most of the souvenir stores are located. Instead, I got it at a store right across the street from the side (not the front) of the Hundertwasserhaus. There was the kindest old man who owned the store and it ended up being my favorite shop we visited.


IMG_0393 edit

Sisi Compact Mirror

And lastly, I picked up this compact mirror with the fascinating Sisi on it. Actually, the legend and story of Sisi is quite the interesting one that I enjoyed very much learning about. I couldn’t help it. I might have fallen for Sisi.


IMG_0391 edit

Do you pick up any souvenirs when you travel? Do you have a collection going on? Have you found a piece that you absolutely love?

Vienna at Night


I adored exploring Vienna in the evening. The city is just as beautiful at night than it is during the day. Here are some of the photos I took.


I did manage to do two activities during the evenings.

Wiener Prater

First, I visited the amusement park. When traveling, I always get distracted by the museums and beautiful sights that I sometimes forget to just have fun. That was why this was the perfect thing to do! At the best part? I took a ride on Prater Turm, the world’s highest chained carousal at 117 meters! How is it possible to be so afraid yet feel so free at the same time?



As I’ve mentioned, I simply cannot stop looking at architecture. That was why visiting these buildings was one of the things I was the most excited to visit in Vienna. I clearly did not plan very well and ended up going too late in the evening to even see them properly. The next time I come to Vienna, I will make certain to take better pictures.




This is not the first time I am visiting Vienna. In fact, I visited Vienna almost half a dozen times when I was younger. I used to love this city and always asked my parents to go there for a week or so during the summer. However, its been years since I’ve been back.

That is why I was so excited to visit Vienna again this past summer. This time around, I saw the city from a new light. I explored her castles. I strolled along her streets. I tasted her cakes. And I remembered what it was about Vienna that I loved so much as a little girl.


Here are a few places I recommend you visit:

Belvedere Museum 

Vienna is a city of art. And her best collection of art is at the Belvedere Museum. It is here that will you find the collection of Gustav Klimt’s gorgeous gold paintings. This place should be at the top of the list of any art lover or Vienna visitor. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures of the paintings inside.


Schonbrunn Palace

This palace is the former imperial summer palace. It is easily Austria’s most beautiful. I, personally, adore the yellow color. It reminds me of the sun – very suitable for a summer palace. We had such a great time exploring the gardens!


Hofburg Palace

In retrospect, I sincerely regret not having enough time to go inside this one and see the lovely apartments of the royals. I only managed to admire the architecture from the outside. At least this gives me an excuse to come back to Vienna….again!


And finally…shopping!

Vienna is loaded with lovely boutiques both international and local for you to shop away. I personally have an adoration for menswear. And Vienna knows menswear like no other city in the world.


I leave you with a few more pics of other locations around the city that I managed to take snaps of…


A Book Lover’s Dream

IMG_3870Where ever I am, I’m wandering off, following the call of literature. It is for this reason that I often find myself in a library or bookstore. I simply can’t help it. It makes my soul happy. For this reason, when I stayed in Vienna, at the very top of my list of things to do was to visit the Austrian National Library.  

And who can blame me? Just look at these photos.

IMG_3882IMG_3894IMG_3879IMG_3878IMG_3901IMG_3896Being surrounding by such old texts, standing in the very room so many great minds were in, blew this little book lovers mind away. I think I left a piece of my soul there.