The city of Prizren is easily one of my favorites in the world! There is so much history and culture among it’s streets. Below are photos I have taken while roaming through it’s many alleyways.

The view from my aunt’s rooftop


The Kalaja of Prizren is a medieval fortress that is located on top of a mountain overlooking the city. It is my favorite spot in all of Prizren! The view of the city from the top is utterly breathtaking. In order to get to the Kalaja, you have to hike. There are two hiking trails that you can take. The first is near the center of the city and paved. This route should only taking you 30 minutes. The second route is for the hikers and takes up to two hours. I prefer this one because you also get beautiful views of the mountains and forests on your way up to the top.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


Roaming The Streets

One of the things I love about Prizren is that at every turn there is a new thing to see that you simply can’t stop snapping pics!


Prizren at Night

When the light goes down, the people go out. The streets of Prizren get covered with people going out for an evening stroll. And there is no discriminating here, everyone goes out: families, couples, youth. Even all the street cats and dogs!

Do you see all the people on the other side of the river? THAT’S how crowded evenings get… with everyone enjoying the night.

And finally… Grandma’s House

Why not show you a little glimpse of the home I stayed at for three months?


Check out my review of The Albanian League of Prizren for another great thing to do!

Albanian League of Prizren

IMG_0212[1]Hands down, one of the top things you need to do while visiting Kosovo, or anywhere in the Balkans, is to go see The Albanian League of Prizren.

The League of Prizren was organized in January 5, 1877 as a defense of the Albanian territories and their human rights. The political organization was a response to western and ottoman influences. The western world, such as Berlin, attempted to give away Albanian land to neighboring countries as a way to decrease the influence of the Ottomans in Europe. The League was a way to demonstrate that the Albanian identity as a distinct entity from the Ottomans.


When visiting, there are four aspects of the League you must see. First, there is the outside: the architecture and gardens. The architecture has been rebuilt and restored to exactly match the original. After that, you can visit the three museums. The first consists of art work from many different Albanian artists. This was my favorite part of the museum – the artwork all relates to the League of Prizren and there were quite a few pieces I enjoyed viewing.


The second part of the museum is ethnographic and exhibits many rooms in traditional Albanian decor. There are also many old traditional items and clothing on display. I, unfortunately, only managed to get one photo.


And finally, the third and most interesting installment displays the old books and documents of the members of the League of Prizren. This aspect is less cultural and more political. There are photos of the original party members. And documents they wrote back and forth to other nations indicating their statehood and rights.


I love this row of photographs displaying the way the League looked throughout the years!

And finally, after you are done visiting the League of Prizren, I recommend you enter one of the MANY cafés right outside and have yourself some refreshing ice cream!