Rain & Fog

April showers bring May flowers. Except when global warming hits. And the winter holidays were spent in the sun. And it’s May showers that will be bringing June flowers. I happen to be a lover of the rain and enjoy it very much (except when I am my way to school or work and need to stay dry). However, weekends are fair game. And the weekends lately have been full of days in the rain.

So recently, on one of those rainy days,  I made my way upwards. And the higher up you go when it is raining, the thicker the fog gets. To see that view, that thick fog surrounding me, to the point where I almost couldn’t see past a few steps in front of me, was glorious. See for yourself:



The weather has been so great lately and I have been seriously taking advantage of it by doing some more exploring. A while ago I spent some town in Princeton, New Jersey. However, because of daylight savings and the quickly impending darkness, I was incapable of taking any good pictures.

So when spring rolled around I made certain to go back. Problem? I STILL managed to not take any good pictures. I am seriously slacking in this department.



And of course I managed to get some munchies and shopping in.

Montclair Book Center

Today I decided I needed to write up a blog post about one of my favorite book stores in the New York City greater area: Montclair Book Center. Montclair is actually a town in New Jersey. In order to get there you will need to take the NJ Transit from New York Penn Station at 34th street to Montclair. While the town itself is worthy of it’s own post, today I will talk to you about the gem that is it’s book center. The book selection there ranges from new books, old books, vintage books, and rare books. There is also a huge vinyl, CD, DVD, and journal selection when you want to take a break from all those books!


BACH to the future!