Westsider Books

In my quest to visit every book store in New York City, I have come across Westsider Books. Located in the upper west side at 2246 Broadway, it is an easy walk from locations such as the Hayden Planetarium, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.

This place is easily one of my favorite book stores I have ever visited. It’s crowning glory is the high ceilings with rows of books that adjourn all the way to the top. This not only produces a lovely view as your eyes trail upwards, it also provides the perfect opportunity for a ladder! And who ever wanted to climb a ladder in a book store?

This particular book store specializes in rare and used books. Although I did not managed to find a particular book I wanted to keep, the collection they had left me wishing I had purchased on of the original editions of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales. 

New York Public Library

Recently, I found myself in the New York Public Library. While there are endless libraries in NY around every corner, this is the one. The one where you can’t even study in if you wan’t because it’s so crowded with tourists. Check out the photos below to see why:



BookOff is my absolute favorite used book store in New York City. It is a chain with locations all over the US; you can find those locations here. Located on 49 W 45th St in NYC it was a bit of a walk from where I was attending university, but one I didn’t mind making on nicer days.

The store is entirely composed of used books. Initially, it was just books that were being resold, but over the years manga, movies, and electronics have also made their way onto it’s shelves. While the selection of literature is vast and spans two stories, it is their sale section that I always devour. Everything is $1. Yes, you read that correctly: $1!

The sale selection is MASSIVE. In fact, every single book you see in the photograph above is a $1 sale item. And that image only captures about a quarter of the fiction section. This doesn’t even include every single other genre of literature that they have available.

The ability to provide so many $1 books is probably due to the popularity of the store. Located a short walking distance from Grand Central, it is impeccably easy to get to. Because so many people are constantly bringing old books to sell, they need to make more space to compensate for their huge inventory. In order to do so, they have to sell out what they already have. This gives us a great selection of $1 books.

Every time I go I pick up quite a few books. I can’t help myself. They’re only a dollar! I can get ten books here for $10, when that is what would have cost me to pick up one book somewhere else. Granted, this store has also become the death of me. My to-be-read reading list has grown so massively, I am incapable of knowing what to do anymore. Guess I’ll just be tackling it one book at a time.

My most recent haul, only $8 everyone!

Books & Old Prints

Here I go again mixing my love of travel with my love of literature. For some reason I always manage to seek out books wherever I go. While visiting Boston I ran across this book store tucked in an alleyway. I couldn’t help entering it and looking through all the vintage and rare prints they had available. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in Boston!


Montclair Book Center

Today I decided I needed to write up a blog post about one of my favorite book stores in the New York City greater area: Montclair Book Center. Montclair is actually a town in New Jersey. In order to get there you will need to take the NJ Transit from New York Penn Station at 34th street to Montclair. While the town itself is worthy of it’s own post, today I will talk to you about the gem that is it’s book center. The book selection there ranges from new books, old books, vintage books, and rare books. There is also a huge vinyl, CD, DVD, and journal selection when you want to take a break from all those books!


BACH to the future!


A Book Lover’s Dream

IMG_3870Where ever I am, I’m wandering off, following the call of literature. It is for this reason that I often find myself in a library or bookstore. I simply can’t help it. It makes my soul happy. For this reason, when I stayed in Vienna, at the very top of my list of things to do was to visit the Austrian National Library.  

And who can blame me? Just look at these photos.

IMG_3882IMG_3894IMG_3879IMG_3878IMG_3901IMG_3896Being surrounding by such old texts, standing in the very room so many great minds were in, blew this little book lovers mind away. I think I left a piece of my soul there.