The next stop on our Albania road trip was the beach town of Ksamil. This particular location is very much loved by locals and tourists alike. I can see why. The Ionian sea is so utterly breathtaking. Look at these photos and see for yourself why Ksamil is so loved.

I have noticed, however, that whenever I visit beach towns I always completely fail to take enough pictures! This may be perhaps because I am always too busy enjoying the water to remember to take pictures. But anyways, here are the few I did manage to take.



When you think of ancient ruins what countries come to mind? Greece? Italy? Perhaps even Turkey. But I’m going to bet you didn’t think of Albania. But how could a country next to Greece and across the water from Italy not also have ancient ruins?

Once of Albania’s most famous ruin sites is Butrint National Park. What makes this particular ruin site, or city, so interesting is the way in which two thousand years of history are all presented and emerged together. There is a 4th century BC sanctuary dedicated to the healing god, Asclepius while at the same time a Venetian castle built in the 14th-16th century – all in one city. Butrint itself was mentioned in Virgil’s epic poem The Aeneid describing Aeneas visiting the city of Butrint. For all you history buffs out there like myself, visiting Butrint should be on you list.


There was also an archaeological museum located on the site that was lovely to see. I didn’t manage to take any pictures of the inside of the museum, but plenty of the outside!