IMG_2310[1]I spent two months living in Prizren, Kosovo. While there, I took a day trip to the little town of Korishe. Korishe is located approximately 30 minutes south of Prizren. It is located near the Kabashi Mountains of Kosovo. Many, if not most, of the people still living in the town have the last name Kabashi. This is a present day example of locative surnames: taking the name based upon the land or geographical features of where a person was born and lived.

The town itself, while small, has a lot of history. A lot of it’s more recent history revolves around the Kosovo War. Most notably, it is the location of the Korishe bombing that occurred in May 14th, 1999. Unfortunately, there is not currently a museum to exhibit and inform visitors of the history – although I do hope there will be one day! The only way to learn about it is directly from the people themselves. Which can be a very rewarding experience.

When visiting, instead of exploring the town itself, I decided to explore the nature surrounding it. These are photos that I took of that day: