Vali Ranch


When I was in the third grade, my class went on a trip to the Zoo. On this trip, we all got on line for horseback riding. Amongst the many horses, there was one pure snow white horse that stood out higher among the rest. 

Every student in my class discussed the beauty and strength of this horse. Each classmate claimed that he or she would be the one to ride it. But when the beauty reached the top of the line, it was me who got lucky enough to ride her. I haven’t been on a horse since.


There is something so beautiful about horses: the way they can be strong and powerful while maintaining their gentleness and gracefulness. There is something so utterly breathtaking in their movements and approach to the world that I just can’t shake. That is why when I heard of Vali Ranch Gjilan while in Kosovo, I knew I would take any chance I could to get back on one of these beauties.

IMG_3592[1]IMG_3606[1]IMG_3735[1]IMG_3741[1]IMG_3703[1]I hope my love of horses continues to grow as I continue to take new opportunities to enjoy their company.