My 23rd Year

september 7th, 2015
sitting in a coffee shop in new york city
2:15 pm

Today I turn twenty three. Twenty three years. Feels like I’m an old lady already.

A year ago today, I made a few promises to myself. Some of them were simple and small while others pushed me past my comfort zone. And as I reflect back over this past year, I’m proud of what I managed to challenge myself to.

So I thought that this year I would set up a few new promises.

  1. Blogging: As I write this blog post, I have not published a post in three months. I could blame the summer. I could blame events happening in my life. I could blame loosing interest. But simply put, I have not written a blog post in three months. Did you know most bloggers quit blogging within the first three months of beginning their blogs? Do you wish to know how long I lasted? Six. In fact, here is a little picture of my sad blogging history:blogginghistoryClearly, I need to start blogging again. But this time around, I resolve to put more effort into the creation of my blog posts. The vast majority of the ones I have written on this blog were created in under ten minutes. When I wrote my  New Years Resolutions back in January, I made a resolution to produce at least one post a week. I think that idea failed me and left me with writing errors and emotionless pieces. This time around, I wish to focus on quality instead of quantity. Which brings me to my second goal…
  2. Writing: One of the biggest reasons why I stopped posting on this blog was my lack of confidence in my writing abilities. In fact, I tried so hard to avoid having to write something of value on this blog, that I would rely on photo-heavy blog posts with only a few short sentences for the actual writing portion.  I have decided that the only way my writing can improve and be something I am proud of is if I write everyday. So for my 23rd year, I aspire to write something, anything, every single day. A great way to accomplish that? To take the time and effort to produce more in depth blog posts. img_38391
  3. Reading: Speaking of writing, another aspect of my life that I have been slacking with recently is reading. So far, I have managed to read fourteen books in the past nine months. Typically, I would read about five books a month and I am quite disappointed that I have not been making the time to do more reading. I get so much joy from literature. I think after graduating college and entering into the job world, I lost my motivation for reading. So for my 23rd year, I plan to read 23 books. img_38401
  4. Hiking: While in Kosovo last summer, I woke up every morning at 4 am (yes, really) and hiked up the mountain with my uncles. A year later and I have not been hiking since. Not only does hiking push my body physically and mentally to strive to reach my destination, it also provides me with some downtime for self-reflection. I have been looking at some hiking options around the NYC area to resurface my admiration of hiking and hope to start going again more frequently (but this time not at 4 am!).img_38051
  5. Solo Traveling: Every time a friend or family member takes a look at my blog, they ask if this is a travel blog. No. This is a lifestyle blog where I will record my life. It just so happens that I enjoy exploring around New York and taking trips! I did promise myself when the year 2016 started that I would try to visit more destinations and since then have proceeded to go on two nearby trips: Boston and Montreal. And if everything goes smoothly, I am planning another trip this coming autumn. That said, my biggest struggle is finding the right travel partner. School, work, money, destination preference, etc. are just some of the many factors that make finding the right partner to go with you so hard. You know what I think? Perhaps it’s time I take a trip completely by myselfimg_38081
  6. Moving Forward: Why is it that I always find myself getting comfortable in routines? Why do I always find myself afraid to move forward and let go? I’ve determined that the theme for my 23rd year is fearlessness – to do the things I’m always putting off with excuses. To see what I can truly accomplish. Let’s see what a year of fearlessness will bring. img_38031

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