Hispanic Society of America

Recently, I have found myself in Hamilton Heights three times a week for a temporary job placement. As a result, I have promised myself to explore the area and visit a part of the city that I haven’t explored much of. The first thing on my agenda? The Hispanic Society of America. 


First, let us begin with saying that visiting the museum is absolutely free. Yes. Free. And when living in an area as expensive as New York City, you take every free opportunity that comes your way.


Secondly, because of my picture taking obsession, I had no room on my phone. In fact, my camera wouldn’t even open. So my solution? Take pictures on snapchat and save them to my phone. This, unfortunately, resulted in some very poor quality photography.


The Hispanic Society of America is located inside the Manhattan campus of Boricua College right across Trinity Cemetery (where you can see the grave of Alexander Hamilton if you’re interested!).


The biggest draw is perhaps the main room which is grand and obviously poorly captured by snapchat. But if you go upstairs, you will find larger paintings.


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