My Travel Bucket List

In the past few years our world has changed in a way that has forced individuals to alter their perspectives on life. The rise of the internet has increased global communication. Politics and war have led to an increased respect for different cultures and ways of living. A drastically altering climate has led to an admiration for the natural world and an urge to protect it. A staggering economy has made individuals seek experiences rather than objects to gain happiness. And all of these aspects together have created a culture which places a high value on travel.

As I start to embark on my life I plan to see many parts of this world. I already am making plans to visit Peru and Ireland very soon in the upcoming years. However, here are three destinations I hope to someday visit:


Ever since the capital of Latvia, Riga, was named Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2014, I’ve had my sights on visiting this small Baltic country in the far corners of Europe. There is something so intriguing about the country that I just can’t shake off. From it’s medieval charm to the beautiful architecture, there is a reason the city is a UNESCO world heritage sight. I can’t wait to visit and get some Latvian knitwear!

As of right now, flying to Latvia from New York would cost a minimum of a thousand dollars. If I do make it to Latvia soon, I am considering making it a Norway and Latvia trip. Tickets to Norway from New York currently can be found as low as $300. And tickets from Oslo, the capital of Norway, to Riga can be found as low as $35. I’m thinking $335 is a much better option than over $1000, am I right?


Known as the “Land of Poets,” I am dying to visit Chile. Because the country is long, there is so much diversity to see. Santiago and Valparaiso appear to be loaded with street art and a youthful culture. The lake district is reminiscent of Switzerland, another country I have visited and loved. Torres del Paine and the Atacama Desert show off just how much diversity and natural beauty Chile has to offer. And to top it of, let us not forget that Easter Island still remains one of the most special places to visit in our lifetimes.

While flights to Chile are average in regards to affordability, I currently have my sights on Peru which comes at a much better cost due to its recent rise in popularity. However, this has not deterred me from visiting Chile in the future. In fact, many Latin American countries call out to me – Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Colombia are all destinations I hope to someday visit.


When I see photos of the stunning orange dunes of the Namib Desert, I know I will make certain to visit this beautiful and sensual country one day. From the draw of the abandonment of Kolmanskop  to the gradually growing capital Windhoek, I really want to see all Namibia has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that I also am a big fan of Namibian music artist: Shishani.

This country is very difficult and expensive to fly to from the United States. I am thinking of making it part of a large South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana two-three week trip. South Africa is much more affordable to fly to in comparison to other African countries, although still pricey for this budget traveler! So I think this trip will take a few years of planning and saving before I can make it happen. But I’m not letting it of my sight!

What are some of the travel destinations on your bucket lists?


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