BookOff is my absolute favorite used book store in New York City. It is a chain with locations all over the US; you can find those locations here. Located on 49 W 45th St in NYC it was a bit of a walk from where I was attending university, but one I didn’t mind making on nicer days.

The store is entirely composed of used books. Initially, it was just books that were being resold, but over the years manga, movies, and electronics have also made their way onto it’s shelves. While the selection of literature is vast and spans two stories, it is their sale section that I always devour. Everything is $1. Yes, you read that correctly: $1!

The sale selection is MASSIVE. In fact, every single book you see in the photograph above is a $1 sale item. And that image only captures about a quarter of the fiction section. This doesn’t even include every single other genre of literature that they have available.

The ability to provide so many $1 books is probably due to the popularity of the store. Located a short walking distance from Grand Central, it is impeccably easy to get to. Because so many people are constantly bringing old books to sell, they need to make more space to compensate for their huge inventory. In order to do so, they have to sell out what they already have. This gives us a great selection of $1 books.

Every time I go I pick up quite a few books. I can’t help myself. They’re only a dollar! I can get ten books here for $10, when that is what would have cost me to pick up one book somewhere else. Granted, this store has also become the death of me. My to-be-read reading list has grown so massively, I am incapable of knowing what to do anymore. Guess I’ll just be tackling it one book at a time.

My most recent haul, only $8 everyone!

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