While in Tirana, the days started to get hot. I managed to get sunburn simply by walking around in the city. That is why my cousins and I thought it would be a great idea to go to Durrës for a day. The trip is only a half hour bus ride from Tirana, making it a quick destination.

IMG_0709[1]IMG_0720[1]IMG_1150[1]I was so excited to finally be at the beach for the first time this summer that I did not manage to get off the beach and explore the beautifully developing city of Durrës. Because it is so close to the capital, Tirana, it has become the most convenient beach destination. That is why the city is developing at such a speedy rate. Already it is a drastic difference than it was 6 years ago when I visited last. And I suspect in another few years there will be no corner unpolished. My favorite part of the city? All the ancient ruins that find themselves blending with everyday life. Here are some photos of what the city currently looks like. Next time I visit I plan to spend more time exploring. The following photos are not my own and I do not claim ownership. 


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