Memory Lane


As a lover of the world and an adventure seeker, I am always seeking out the places I want to visit. I usually find new destinations on travel websites, blogs, and stories from other people. But how often does one find a travel destination by digging through a box full of old photographs?

The picture you see above depicts me and other family members on a trip to Ulqin, Montengro (also known as Ulcinj). While I have known throughout the years that we went there as a child, I have no recollection of those memories or what the place even looked like.

When I saw this photo, with the white buildings surrounded by green, the stone wall we are sitting on, and the look upon my face (I’m the one in the polka dots!) I knew I had to revisit this destination again.

Here are a few photos I found on the internet of what Ulqin looks like today – two decades later. Note that the following photos are not my own and I do not claim ownership.


I’m thinking a revisit is in order, no?



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  1. Looks beautiful I would like to check it out as well. Also, I love that picture of your family


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