Thanksgiving 2015


Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve noticed lately that the holiday of Thanksgiving in America has gotten more and more controversial over the years. At a young age, I was taught in school that Thanksgiving celebrates the coming together of Native Americans and Pilgrims to have a feast in which they are thankful of each other. However, it is important to remember that the Pilgrims commited unthinkable crimes against the Native Americans. Thus bearing the question, should we celebrate Thanksgiving?


Native Americans are split on the matter. Some see it as a celebration of thier survival in the present day, despite what they have had to endure. Others see it as a day of mourning. It is important when eating your turkey that you keep these ideas in mind.


Although Thanksgiving is unique to the United States, countries all over the world have celebrations during the fall time. Some of those celebrations occur in the beginning of fall, to welcome the harvest that is to come. Some occur in the middle of fall, to celebrate the harvest that they are in. And lastly, some occur at the end of fall, to thank the harvest that has come.


For me, it is important that I remember all of these little details when celebrating Thanksgiving. I remember that is it a day to thank the Earth for the sustainability in which she provides our lives. For this, I promise to take care of her in return and aid in her sustainability as well. I also remember that it is a day in which Native Americans provided Pilgrims with a meal without expecting anything in return, despite the horrors they have had to endure. For this, I promise to also give freely to others because of my own good will and not under the pretext that they will do me good in return.

IMG_8460[1] And for that, I give thanks.



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  1. I love what you said about giving freely to others and not looking for anything in return and relating it to the Native Americans. You have a beautiful soul.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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