Vienna at Night


I adored exploring Vienna in the evening. The city is just as beautiful at night than it is during the day. Here are some of the photos I took.


I did manage to do two activities during the evenings.

Wiener Prater

First, I visited the amusement park. When traveling, I always get distracted by the museums and beautiful sights that I sometimes forget to just have fun. That was why this was the perfect thing to do! At the best part? I took a ride on Prater Turm, the world’s highest chained carousal at 117 meters! How is it possible to be so afraid yet feel so free at the same time?



As I’ve mentioned, I simply cannot stop looking at architecture. That was why visiting these buildings was one of the things I was the most excited to visit in Vienna. I clearly did not plan very well and ended up going too late in the evening to even see them properly. The next time I come to Vienna, I will make certain to take better pictures.


11 thoughts on “Vienna at Night

    1. Oh my goodness. That is actually such a hard question. Unlike a lot of other popular European cities such as Prague, Budapest, Bruges, which you can easily do in a few days, Vienna actually has A LOT to offer: Music (Mozart, Bethovan), Art (old and modern), Architecture, etc. Honestly, even though you can pick and choose a few favorites and do Vienna is three-four days or so. To really get a taste of its diversity, you might have to give it at least a good week.

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      1. Thank you. Frankly, I was thinking of doing 4 nights in Vienna with a trip to Salzburg but after talking to you I might increase it. Coz il really be in Vienna only 2.5 nights 😐


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